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    As per the Hague Convention the translation of certain documents requires legalization by affixing an apostille by the statutory institution in charge. Apostille contains information on ten points: the country the document originates from, the authority it is issued by, the date and etc. Different types of documents require apostilles that might be applied by different authorities such as: the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Education and Science.

    Translation of the documents subject to legalization is performed by a sworn in translator who certifies the correctness of the translation. Verification and validation of the completed translation is performed by the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    A translated document is legally valid ONLY if the translation is performed by a translation agency authorized by the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Our legalization services include the following:

    • Certifying the original document by the relevant authority whose stamp is required by the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
    • Translation of the document on our letter headed form (as a licensed agency)  by a sworn in translator
    • Legalization of the document by the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the MFA.

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    The languages we provide translation from fall into three price groups according to the degree of the language difficulty:

    1. English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French;
    2. Macedonian, Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech;
    3. Arabic, Albanian, Armenian, Belorussian, Vietnamese, Georgian, Danish, Estonian, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Latvian, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Old Greek, Farsi, Finnish, Hindi, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese.

    Our price quotes are as per page unit that contains 1800 characters with spaces included according to BDS EN 15038:2006. For regular customers and volume orders our prices are negotiable. For more details, contact us ONLINE or visit OUR OFFICE!

    When do you need your documents translated?

    You will need translation of foreign documents in Bulgarian when you apply to study or work in Bulgaria, to conclude a civil marriage in Bulgaria, to follow a naturalization procedure, to verifiy various personal circumstances i.e. education, marriage to a foreign national and etc. You will need translation of documents from Bulgarian into a foreign language when you need to apply for work or study abroad, marry abroad and etc.

    Why the translation and legalization are to be carried out by a licensed agency?

    As per the Bulgarian law the official translation and legalization is to be delivered by a licensed agency approved by the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our services are delivered by professional translators most of whom lodged affidavits within the Directorate “Consular Relations” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per the law.

    Why translation prices differ from agency to agency?

    The prices differ depending on the agency and in particular on its location. The closer to the Directorate “Consular Relations” the office is the lower the cost of legalization tends to be. Prices for certain vary depending on the language and on the time term – i.e. translation into Polish is more expensive than in French, but less expensive than translation from Albanian. Unfortunately, prices are not always determined by the quality and the timeliness of service.

    What are you requested to do for the translation and legalization of your documents?

    You are requested to advise about all the abbreviations and type in Latin letters your full name as per your ID document. Certain documents might need an appostile as per the Hague convention. For more information you can read here.